Other Dynaset Hydraulic devices include

Dynaset hydraulic vibra pump HVB vibrates the excavator bucket cylinder boosting penetration for use as a breaker, vibrator plate etc.

Dynaset HV hydraulic winch is excellent for pulling long underground pipelines etc.

HEU expands Swellex-type tunnel and mine pre-reinforcing bolts with 320 bar water cost effectively.

HRU gives 2×800 bar power for rescue tools with separate oil. This and much more benefit for you in DYNASET co-operation.


Hydraulic magnet | HMAG

is a complete unit for demolition scrap recycling. HMAG connects directly to breaker, grab or extra hydraulics of an excavator, crane […]


Hydraulic magnet generator | HMG

is a complete power source for lifting magnet handling scrap metal, steel, castings, slag, etc. Power output 3 – 30 kW […]


Crane Hidoleikh

Hydraulic crane maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons, hydraulic system flow of 20 L / min, the hydraulic system pressure […]