Hydraulic high pressure water pump | HPW

Best power-to-size ratio in the world.

Patented piston-to-hydraulic piston principle without any rotating parts guarantees superior durability and extremely compact size.

HPW-pump water flow and pressure work with linear hydraulic flow and pressure control from 0 to max.

Dynaset HPW models cover power range of 10 – 200 kW, pressure 90 -1600 bar, and flow from 20 to 300 l/min.

HPW- pumps are used for power washing, street-, pipeline- and bin cleaning, dust suppression, water cutting, hydro demolition and scaling, fire fighting, drilling fluid pumping, water hydraulics, washing robot, underwater works, etc.

hpw5 hpw4 hpw3 hpw2 hpw


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