Hydraulic Generators | HG

Dynaset HG is a complete power station with overload protection, safety earth leakage relay and with international standard 3 to 5 pole sockets or alternatively a fuse- and socket box. HG is less than half the size of traditional generators, silent, reliable and it runs without extra engine, fuel and maintenance. It works with excavators, platform lifts, trucks, service vehicles fire engines, mining machines, ships, etc.


Dynaset HG generates high quality electricity in power range 3,5 – 200kVA for all AC- powered tools, lights, heating, cooling, welding, 1 or 3 phase motors etc.

Dynaset hydraulics regulate exact 50 or 60Hz by automatic frequency control.

Automatic voltage control maintains steady voltage of 115, 230 and 400V etc. according to electric load.


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