About Us

AWJED Trading, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AWJED Group, was established in 2011 as a trading division of Awjed Group to meet the demand of our valued customers.

Until 2014, we operated under AWJED Trading. In this role we provided services through Trading division to our clients. Our wealth of knowledge allowed us to offer a full range of technical support services from system design advice, through on-site supervision or time taken service.

In 2014, AWJED Group added one more division to its operations – the Contracting Division for Steel Fabrication, Erection and Civil works.

The main objective of this move was to pave the way for significant growth potential and to allow us to work on more complex projects related to steel fabrication and respective erections and in the civil engineering industries in the Oil and Gas sector.

With the expansion of its activities, Awjed Group now has a wide range of products and services to offer the growing markets of Saudi Arabia.

Working in both trading and contracting services, gives a big opportunity by controlling cost and delivery of material which are two major factors enable us to provide a competitive prices and services to our clients.

At Awjed Trading we promote the 3Cs; Company, Customer and Community, with these as our guide we will continue to provide our customers with innovative products and services with customer satisfaction in terms of price and quality.